Stranded tourists feel safer in Mazatlán, request extension of their visas


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (April 6, 2020).- “Many foreign tourists, especially from the United States, have decided to stay in Mazatlán because they belong to the “vulnerable group”, with high risk of contracting coronavirus; and they state to feel safer here, since the number cases in their country is very alarming”, said director of CAPTA, María Astrid Macías Fregoso.

She added that although many of them have wanted to return to their place of origin, they have not been able to do so, given the cancellation of all flights, and the closure of borders due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“Most of these people are older adults, senior citizens, people who are in retirement age and who preferred to stay and feel safer here in Mazatlán”. Maria Astrid Macías Fregoso.

She mentioned that the United States is one of the countries that within its sanitary measures includes the immediate return of its compatriots, since if they do not do it in time and form, their medical insurance will not be valid, and therefore many of the foreign tourists are returning.

Macías Fregoso indicated that CAPTA is serving as a bridge, a link for foreign tourists who decided to stay, so that they obtain an extension of their visa before the National Institute of Migration, since this document is issued for only 180 days.

Among the issues of greatest concern to Americans stranded at the port of Mazatlan is the situation with their vehicles, which have to be dealt with at the US-Mexico Border.

The official said that there is no estimate of the number of foreign tourists who are in this condition in Mazatlán, because many of the contacts are made via social networks and others through phone calls.

Source: OEM

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