Video: Mazatlan’s Sweet and sour Chamoy, Plum and Blueberry


* In front of Bancomer del Centro

Tania Paola is a charismatic woman, with high spirits for sales and she has been three and a half years old with confidence and love in the plum jam with cranberry and chamoy, including to taste the piquín chile.

It has its clientele and its product goes to the United States of North America, thanks to Sinaloans who take this rich delicacy for half and full kilos for someone special there.

The product is packaged in small containers from 15, 30 and 40 pesos, with the addition of the piquín pepper. Its brand is: Plums, Blueberries Triny, with homemade chamoy.

Tania tells us that the plum is from Aguacaliente de Gárate and it is bought dehydrated to later combine it with the blueberry and add the rich chamoy made with Mazatlan hands.

She works almost every day in front of the downtown Bancomer and next to the Mazatlán Cathedral, it is almost one of the corners of Plaza la República, in front of the Municipal Palace.

In the interview, she tells us about the rich bittersweet flavor that they buy, mainly the mature people and very little the young people who pass through this important street in the Historic Center of Mazatlán.


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