Mazatlan Mayor says “No” to coordinated effort to contain Covid-19 spread; No clubs, cinemas or gyms will close


Despite the announcement by Governor Quirino Ordaz, there will be no closure of these establishments because it would generate a real crisis in the tourist destination, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.-   The country has just entered one of the most worrying phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is the local contagion; However, despite the decision of the State Government, in Mazatlán the bars, clubs, cinemas, gyms, and places with the largest crowds of people will not close, revealed Mayor Luis, Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The Munícipe referred that Mazatlán, because it is a tourist destination, cannot be compared to other municipalities of the entity, because stopping business activity in its entirety would generate a real crisis in the town.

“Mazatlán cannot be in the same bag as other municipalities, we have to take different, restrictive measures, yes, it has a cost.”

Mayor, aren’t you going to close bars, clubs and cinemas?

“No, there are restrictions. I do not bring my information sheet, but some are going to work at 60 percent, others at 50 percent and it is necessary to increase the number, we are going to do it, but we need to allow economic income in Mazatlán, “he said.

The mayor clarified that he is going to “take into account” each of the governor’s proposals, but in order to carry out a decision like that, he as a municipal authority must meet with the business sector of the destination, and until then, will be announced if businesses close. 

“We cannot compare Mazatlán with Culiacán, nor Mazatlán with Guasave, less with Navolato and other municipalities, if we close the restaurants in Mazatlán, and if Culiacán closes, since the impact is real because here the economic perception is tourist, and here if it would affect us, but in Culiacán not so much, ”he said.

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Mazatlan Motorcycle week

The ‘Chemist’ Mayor Benítez specified that the possibility of closing the beaches as a precautionary measure has not yet been analyzed because that is where there is less probability of contagion, even for the Easter holiday period tourism is expected to arrive because the hotel sector records good levels of reservations, but with certain restrictions.

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“Semana Santa” Easter Vacations in Mazatlan

“We are going to see it because we can never say it is never, we have to analyze it, but I insist, the beaches are the least likely place of contagion because we are not violating the rules like here we are all together, there people are widely dispersed one of another, and also favors the climate, the sun that is not favorable with the virus, “he said. 

The mayor announced that Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel called him to a meeting, but he will not be able to attend because he will travel to Mexico City to manage more resources for Mazatlán.

Sinaloa coordinated effort against covid-19 meeting


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