How To Get Groceries, Food, Meals, and Supplies Delivered To Your House in Mazatlán

Right now, many expats and locals in Mazatlán are practicing social distancing and self-isolation, to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, but of course they still need food and supplies. Here is a list of apps and websites that offer delivery right to the door of your condo or house, so you don’t even have to leave home.  


UberEats has the largest amount of Mazatlán restaurants on its app for home delivery. You can get anything from healthy salads, sushi, hamburgers, smoothies, or fast food. Delivery fees are usually 15 to 30 pesos, but some restaurants offer free delivery when you order a certain amount.

UberEats is very easy because you can simply charge it to your credit card and even tip the driver through the app, making it a totally cashless transaction.

Just like you can watch your Uber car approaching your location when you order a ride, you can also watch your food delivery driver as he gets close to your house. When he arrives, there is a new safety option inside the app if you would like to request a contact-less delivery, in which he will just leave it at your door.


AlDente is a smaller, local food delivery app that is very similar to UberEats, although not as robust. They do have a great selection of restaurants, including a few that UberEats doesn’t have.


Rappi is a very cool app because not only does it include many of your favorite restaurants like UberEats, but it also gives you access to stores like GNC, Farmacias Benavides, Walmart, Modelorama, Petstores, etc.

Rappi is currently only available in certain parts of Mazatlán, but just type your address into the app to see what is available in your particular neighborhood.

Rappi also has a ‘Lo Que Quieras’ option where you can send in a photo of the item you want, plus what store to find it at. There is a 14% charge on whatever the item is, but still a very cool way to get something you might really need. If it fits in their backpack, they can get it for you.

Walmart Delivery

For groceries, personal items and household supplies, Walmart does home delivery in Mazatlan. You simply create an account at, load your cart with items, and have it delivered to your address. Most deliveries can be made same day or next day, making it a really fast way to get what you need.

Soriana Delivery

If you have a preference at shopping at Soriana over Walmart, they also offer home delivery for groceries, personal items and household supplies. It works the exact same way as Walmart’s site. You make an account, digitally load up your cart with the items you want and check out with delivery to your home address.

Direct From The Restaurant or Store

Many stores and restaurants DO offer delivery if you simply contact them and ask.

If your Spanish is great, give them a call on the phone. If you have limited Spanish, try using Google Translate and message them on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or Email.