The Tacos of Mazatlan’s Rancho Comida Express


* With one tacote that you eat you will be “full”
* There are chicharrón, machaca, chorizo ​​with potatoes, and roast beef

The biggest tacos in Mazatlan are in the Rancho Comida Express where you can savor their different stews such as chicharrón, machaca, potatoes with sausage and roast beef.

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Alexis Cruz in charge of the place and make the “tacotes”, presumes that with a single taco you will fill, for the minimum amount of 30 pesos.

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The tortillas are handmade and instantly you can use the stew that you like or you want.

“These giant tacos are made thinking of all those workers who are distributors such as soda, milk, goodies and juices, because they always go to the races,” he explained.

At Rancho Food Express as soon as you order, they serve you, he said, and if you can’t go, we have a home service at 6691 76 67 30 or through the UBER eats platform.

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We are at Avenida Revolución number 326D in Colonia Adolfo López Mateos.

“What distinguishes us from other taquerías is that the tortillas are made by hand, large and fresh from the grid for your palate.”

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In addition to the “tacotes,” he added, they have an extensive variety of fast food such tortas de carne asada, choreadas the famous huarache, nachos with meat, gorditas, molletes, and quesadillas.

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Del Rancho Comida Express Facebook Page click here

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