Streets closed for Mazatlan Truck Week Festivities

As of Friday until Sunday, the street parallel to the boardwalk is the seat of the truck event

Mazatlan – From two o’clock in the afternoon of this Thursday, the Avenida Bahía was closed to the passage of vehicles due to the installation of stages for the event “La Semana de la Troca”, which will take place from Friday to Sunday.

Resultado de imagen de la semana de la troca

This was explained by the Deputy Director of Municipal Transit, Francisco Guerra González, who said that on said road will be the concentration of vehicles and various musical and coexistence activities will be carried out, among which the parade of units by the boardwalk stands out from 4:30 p.m.

“It will be closed to traffic from the crossing with Isla de Lobos to Isla Azada. Tomorrow at 4:30 in the afternoon, the parade will begin on Avenida Universidad, to take Avenida del Mar to the Shield, return and finish in the same place, along Bahía Street. The invitation is that people go and can appreciate the different vehicles that are going to be in the place, also the different events that they are going to do; We hope that people behave up to it to be a healthy fun, ”said the head of Municipal Transit.

Francisco Guerra González stressed that due to the events that will be held in the city, construction companies that are working on the remodeling of roads, are supporting with not blocking new roads to those where jobs are already done.

Source: el debate

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