35 Mazatlan lifeguards will be available for Motorcycle Week and Easter Week


The head of the Lifeguard Squad gave the pertinent recommendations for the next seasons of holiday influx

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The Aquatic Rescue Squad is already preparing for this next Motorcycle Week and Easter Week, informed Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, head of the Lifeguard Squad, who also talked about the reinforcement of elements to the squad, as well as other corporations.

“Right now we have 28 elements, but we are about to start recruiting operational personnel who are on the lookout, and we are working on that, and I think we will gather about 35 lifeguards, but we also receive support from the Navy, Civil Protection, firefighters and other groups of rescue, “he explained.

He also reported on the current conditions of the sea, since he has encountered swells since the end of Carnival, so he released the recommendations for both this season and the next to come that is Easter.

“With respect to the conditions of the sea, it has three days with today, with swells, since it increased us, and then there were winds at Carnival, and combined with all that the sea stirred us.”

“I already respect the recommendations by the people who are going to visit us now for Holy Week and Moto, they are the same as always, comply with the lifeguard’s orders, find a safe area to bathe, not go so deep to the sea, do not enter drunk, do not do it in rocky area, and look for the lifeguard in the area to go to the beach to ask for directions, “he said.


Magallanes Romero added that in the case of stingray stingrays, it has decreased since the beginning of the year since up to 15 cases were treated per day in the month of January.

“With the manta rays we have not had so much problem because they are already in a growth stage, and they are no longer in the sand as they were at the beginning of January, they are already bigger and moving more, and we have had cases because this week we attended one on the Isla de la Piedra and another here on Playa Camarón, but they are isolated cases, not like the other months that up to fifteen we attended per day, “he said.

Source: reaccion informativa

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