Mazatlan Carnival will overcome economic spill of 500 million pesos

Mazatlan, Sin. “Due to the large influx of tourists and locals who have enjoyed the carnival, the figure will exceed 500 million pesos in economic spill”; declared the vice president of Tourism of the Chamber of Commerce of Mazatlan, Oscar Tirado Bernal.

“On a partial balance, the Carnaval is meeting expectations, since sales in stores have registered an increase of 70%, hotel occupancy and restaurants 100%#, he continued.

The business sector leader said that the Canaco Mazatlan will conduct surveys with the different businesses to know the cost of carnival and hotel occupancy, results that will be announced no later than Friday Feb. 28.

“Although they do not have the exact data, with the thousands of tourists that came to Mazatan, the results will surely be favorable and it will be very interesting to see the final numbers, to have a basis of what has been done year after year with the carnivals, in addition to the economic benefits they bring from both national and international markets,” said Oscar Tirado Bernal.

Tirado Bernal added that the economic spill will exceed 500 million pesos, since both locals and tourists have come in large numbers to consume at shops, restaurants, car rental, tours and other recreative activities.

Oscar Tirado Bernal concluded that hotel occupancy was at the top with foreign tourism, mainly from the United States and Canada, but the bulk is national tourism, with visitors from Durango, Chihuahua, Torreón, Nayarit, Guadalajara and Culiacan among other Mexican cities.

The Mazatlan Post