Woman evicted from the stadium, after the coronation of Mazatlan’s Carnival Queen


Four female Public Security officers subjected the woman by force, where one of them is clearly seen who takes her by the hair and puts her against the wall

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- A few hours after the coronation of the Queen of the Libyan Carnival III took place, at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, Public Security personnel, forcibly removed one of the attendees.

A video circulates in networks where I could be seen as women of the Secretary of Public Security, faces words against one of the coronation assistants, at that time they submit it among four officers, where you can clearly see that one of them takes the hair and puts it against the wall.

It transpired that a woman known as Gina, arrived at five in the morning to queue to enter the concert of Carlos Rivera and Yuri , who were responsible for enlivening the coronation of her majesty, the Queen of Carnival.

Apparently, the problem for which Gina was allegedly taken from the Stadium was that when she entered the premises, she set aside places for her mother and her sister, the family of the affected said.