People camping out and saving their space for Mazatlan’s Carnival


The official clarified that he does have knowledge of the people who are on the Malecon with umbrellas and in their chairs, but they cannot do anything

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  The senior officer, Javier Lira González, clarified that he does have knowledge of the people who are on the Malecon with an umbrella and in their chairs, but they cannot remove them because they do not have defined areas or have infringed the Law.

The local official said that through the inspectors of the Subdirectorate of Commerce, review, and surveillance operations are carried out along Avenida del Mar so that spaces are not separated or the rental of chairs is allowed. 

“I saw people, but they don’t have chairs. They are sitting there with their chairs, but as long as they do not show separated or delimited spaces, we cannot do anything, but we will remove everything we see. ”

“… you can’t take anyone off the street if they are not doing anything, and you, and I know that they are presumed people who want to take their place, right,” he said.  

The senior officer said that more than 400 permits were issued for musicians, but they were not forbidden to play “narcocorridos” or songs that make an apology for the crime, this only applies to events. 

“Everything that includes the carnival zone, and the prohibition of the songs is only in the events, it is a prohibition that came by a writing of the State Government years ago, it is not of today, but it is only of the events”, he pointed out .

Lira González said that the surveillance operation will be constant so that musicians comply with what is established to play only in the permitted times and zones, and so that people do not rent chairs on Avenida del Mar. 

Source: linea directa

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