Mazatlan tenants of the Juarez market ask that no more street vendors be permitted


The leader of this union affirms that they are in favor of having free sidewalks, but they request that they no longer want more semi-fixed street vendors to arrive since the public thoroughfare is already saturated

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The president of the Union of Market Owners Miguel Hidalgo, Bernardo Osuna Zamora, said he is in favor of keeping the sidewalks free around this center, but for this, he asked the authorities to control the arrival of street vendors and semi-fixed that are placed on public roads.

This after last Sunday elements of the Chief of Staff sanctioned 10 tenants for invading part of the sidewalks.

“What we are fighting is that we explain here the President (Municipal) of what it is or how the roll is, to know. We are willing to leave the bench free to people so that people can move freely, ”said the leader of the tenants.

However, given the problem already stated, he acknowledged that it is almost impossible for a person in wheelchairs to travel through some of these sidewalks.

Osuna Zamora asked that this implementation of Free Benches “be a couple”, both for tenants and for street vendors and semi-fixed.

He said that they are not against this type of merchants who have been installed in such a place for years or will not be asked to be removed, it is only required that new permits are not released since he said that the area is already saturated.

“They are enough, the truth is that we are not fighting to be taken away, what we want is that they no longer let themselves be put in, everyone has the right to work and to look for him, but where they can no longer be, it cannot be done,” he added.

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