Fishermen angry against the Federal Government and take Mazatlan Avenue in protest


Fishing leaders spearheaded the movement that threatens to block access to the navigation channel, in not having a favorable response to its demands

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Fishermen and women workers of freezers in Mazatlan took Avenida del Mar in protest to the lack of interest of the Federal Government in addressing the problem of marine diesel, which has “sunk” the country’s fishing sector.

Jesús Omar Lizárraga Manjarrez, president of the Union of Shipowners of the Coastline of the Ocean, threatened a blockade since for thirteen months they have been waiting for a favorable response by the authorities and they have only given the issue and after Three years is a situation that becomes unsustainable.

Likewise, the president of the National Chamber of the Fishing and Aquaculture Industry, Humberto Becerra Batista, indicated that they are tired of the lack of attention of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador since doors have been knocked at all levels, without a favorable response that put the sector back in a favorable level of productivity.

Women freezer workers indicated that at work there are many women who are single mothers and live on the income they get in the maquila and with this situation they feel totally abandoned by the authorities.

The demand of the fishing sector is focused on presenting a coordinated strategy of the three levels of government with human, technological and economic resources to avoid the depredation of fishery resources, as well as that a special price of marine diesel is granted so they can compete with other fishery producing countries.

It was also announced that within the next few days they will block the passage of ships in the navigation channel of the port of Mazatlan, if a ruling is not obtained with beneficial results for the fishing sector.

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