Mazatlan Tourism Blue line Awareness Campaign


SSPyTM, CAPTA, DIF, Sedectur and Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteers, joined the awareness campaing

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With the aim of making the Blue Line a safe guide for all visitors, but also for residents of the downtown area, on Tuesday, municipal government officials led an awareness campaign, with the participation of volunteers from the DIF System Mazatlán and Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteers, better known as Blue T-Shirt, which are foreign residents.

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In front of the port terminal, just where the line that guides cruise tourists begins, the director of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center, Capta, Astrid Macías Fregoso, said that following the indications of the municipal chemical president Benitez Torres and the President of the DIF System, Gabriela Peña Chico, is that she carried out this activity as a first approach not only with the service providers that serve the ship visitors, but also with drivers who travel along Emilio Barragán Avenue, with the same tourists and with the inhabitants of that area of ​​the city.

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The Blue Line is part of the great Mazatlan Tourism Lines project. With the arrival of the Carnival Panorama tourist cruise ship that arrived with 4,488 passengers and 1,428 crew, there was an intense movement in the port terminal, which was used for this campaign.

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“On behalf of our chemical mayor Benitez Torres and Mrs. Gabriela Peña Chico, it is to spread the Blue Line project that will be 100 percent inclusive. Our visitors arrive and expect to have open sidewalks, spaces free of physical barriers and that is the main message.

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It is a teamwork effort; there is Sedectur, people of the DIF who are the main interested in spreading this message, we as Capta for the part of the tourists ”, he explained.

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At the beginning of the activity, Pablo Moreno Osuna, Strategic Projects Coordinator of the Ministry of Economic and Tourism Development, Sedectur, spoke of the importance of having inclusive spaces in an area where its inhabitants are mainly older adults.

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