Mazatlan fishermen will have to pay an increase of 300%


Fishermen of Mazatlan say they are dissatisfied with the Captaincy of the Port, due to the increase in the payment of the Maritime Safety Certificate for smaller vessels.

The president of the Union of Fishermen’s Owners of Playa Sur, Julio César Corona, said that the cost of the document increased by more than 300%, (in 2019 the permit cost was 96 pesos, and for this year it is 418 pesos) .

“We have to renew the Maritime Safety Certificate every year, in order to renew the fishing permit,” said Corona.

Julio César Corona concluded that there are more than 100 fishermen affected from Isla de la Piedra, Playa Sur, Norte, Quinta Chapalita and Puente Juárez, who for now have to make the payment with an increase of more than 300%, if they want to get the fishing permit.

With this permit in force, the process is done to have access to gasoline, necessary to go fishing on the high seas. The fuel is provided by the “Cooperativa“.

The Mazatlan Post