TVNovelas Awards coming to Mazatlan in March

Mazatlan.- On Wednesday, January 29, the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres confirmed to the media, that on Friday he is holding a meeting with officials and executives of Televisa to specify the details of the next realization of major Mexican TV awards, TvyNovelas 2020 Awards in Mazatlan.

Veronica Castro

The municipal president stressed that it would be in March when the thirty-eighth edition of these awards ceremony is held in the port, at the Multiple Use Center (CUM).

Premios TVyNovelas

“This is an event that has incredible national and international coverage and will promote Mazatlan as a world class destination, the Mazatlan Riviera will be watched all over Latin America and Spain.

Carlos Rivera

“We believe that right now it’s the perfect timing for Mazatlan. The Televisa executives looked for us directly, because they know that Mazatlan is detonating like never before, that it is beautiful, and that it is attracting everyone’s attention, that’s why they want to come and do the TvyNovelas award show here, ”said Benítez Torres.

The Mazatlan Post