Sinaloa’s in top 10 least likely to drink and smoke


It decreased 10 places for the first time in young people from 10 to 19 years, which is the experimental age in this addiction, and in over 20 in the seventh place, said the commissioner against Addictions

Resultado de imagen de fumadores’ y ‘tomadores"

Sinaloa.-  According to the National Survey of Health and Nutrition 2018 (ENSANUT), Sinaloa ranks sixth in terms of alcohol and tobacco consumption for the first time in young people aged 10 to 19, which is the age experimental in these addictions, and in those over 20 in the seventh, which places the entity well below the national average, revealed Cristian Aldo Muñoz Madrid, State Commissioner of Addictions.

He commented that they are currently promoting the twenty-fifth National Week of Sharing Efforts of the Hidden Truth in Alcohol in Women with the purpose of raising awareness among women so that they know the damage that this type of beverage causes in health.

Resultado de imagen de fumadores’ y ‘tomadores"

He said that in this administration headed by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel has worked on the issue of prevention, treatment and control and a month ago this news was received, which forces them to reinforce the actions, even more, knowing that all the work that has been done with the Ministry of Public Education and the Puro Sinaloa Program through Secretary Juan Alfonso Mejía López.

“We are below the national average, we advance 10 places in a positive way, we are in the sixth place with the lowest alcohol consumption in that age range and I think that the work being done through the Ministry of Health and also that people feel a close government, ”he said.

Resultado de imagen de fumadores’ y ‘tomadores"

Cristian Aldo Muñoz Madrid commented that this year they will reinforce the work in the educational institutions, for now, there is already an approach with the General Director of the Sinaloa State Baccalaureate College, Sergio Mario Arredondo, to implement the allusive programs to inhibit consumption of intoxicating drinks and tobacco, in the first stage in 12 campuses, the idea is to lower more in the next measurement.

Resultado de imagen de fumadores’ y ‘tomadores"

Finally, he pointed out that this has allowed a reduction in fatal accidents and an important factor in curbing the initiation of drug use.  

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