Crocodile caught on Mazatlan’s beach


Mazatlan, Sin. A crocodile that strolled the beaches of Mazatlan , in the area of Punta Cerritos , caused astonishment and fear among the bathers who immediately reported the fact to the authorities

The reptile was seen during the morning of this Thursday in the access to the beach that is located next to the Hotel Torres Mazatlan.

The site was attended by Civil Protection, Municipal Transit and tourism police elements, who implemented actions to capture it.

First they took it out of the beach area so as not to affect the people who were nearby and then, without harming it, they caught it and transfer it to the Mazatlan Aquarium, where they will define what to do with the croc.

The crocodile measured approximately two and a half meters long and according to information from the authorities, it probably came from the mountainous terrain in the area.

The Mazatllan Post