Get your Sonrisas 2020 Calendar

***** 2020 SONRISAS CALENDARS $100 Pesos each *****

It’s SONRISAS’ last 2 SATURDAYS at Mercado Organico –
JANUARY 18th & JANUARY 25th at 8am at the Plazuela Zaragoza *****

Calendars can also still be found in Golden Zone at:

Sea Shell City
Twisted Mamas
Mazatlan Bookstore
Post and Ship

And in Centro Historico at Casa Etnika

We are estimating to be sold out within the next few weeks… so please remember to pick one up soon and help support 8 university student scholarships at UPSIN (Universidad Politécnica de Sinaloa)!

Thanks for your support!


Sonrisas sponsors students for post-secondary studies, primarily at the university level.We focus on students with great potential and limited financial resources

Sonrisas Mazatlan was founded in 2010 by a group of nine women who were overseeing Friends of Mexico’s (FOM) education programs. Some of the students, who had been helped since primary school by these programs, were completing high school. And the women realized that, despite huge financial barriers, several of these bright and enthusiastic students should be university bound. Seeing an urgent need and wishing to fill it, they resigned from FOM, began raising money, and Sonrisas was born!

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