Foodie Fridays: Esinti – the trendy café to visit in Centro


We were invited into Esinti to try out their breakfast, coffee, and let’s be honest… some of their homemade scones.

scones and postres at Esinti cafe mazatlan

What made an impression even more than the food (which was amazing btw!) was the family behind the trendy café in Mazatlán’s famous Centro Historico.

Esinti has been open a little over a year, but turning this once abandoned building into a bustling café has been quite the labor of love.

Esinti cafe

Pablo and Monica are Mazatleco’s whose career brought them from Mexico to the United States, but after their kids were born they started reminiscing about their own childhoods in Mazatlán. After some thought and consideration, they decided to move back home and start their own business, one they could run with a lot of heart and soul.

When they moved back to Mazatlán, Pablo stumbled across an old abandoned building just a few blocks from Plaza Machado. He remembered walking past that very same building as a teenager on his way to clean restaurants to earn some extra money.

As if it were a sign, the crumbling building was actually for sale and Pablo realized this would be the perfect location to start his new business…his very own café. In 2016 they bought the building and started renovating and rebuilding it from scratch.

esinti cafe patio

Now what you see is a super cozy ‘European feel’ café with tall windows, exposed brick, and intimate seating. Above the cafe is a cute open-air rooftop patio, perfect for mild winter temperatures. It’s very impressive to learn that they did most of this work themselves, making it a labor of love indeed.

When we came in and sat down they brought us out a photo album to show what the lot looked like when they bought it, which was nothing more than a few brick walls. The album has dozen of photos to show the progression of the café year after year until it’s opening day.

renovating esinti cafe

I loved learning about their adventure because it truly reminded me of a love story. Pablo said if he could have told himself 30 years ago that he would once own that building he used to walk by every day, he wouldn’t have believed it.

Today you’ll find the whole family working at the café, making it feel warm and welcoming. You might encounter their daughter behind the till, Monica’s father playing piano for the morning rush, or even Pablo himself checking on how your day is.

The Food

scones and cappunico esinti cafe mazatlan

Esinti has a simple but varied 3-page menu that has obviously been created with a lot of thought. You’ll find a mix of classic Mexican favorites, but also many North American ‘comfort’ choices, meaning it will please any crowd.



green chilaquiles at esinti cafe mazatlan

The homemade green chilaquiles are the best way to breakfast in Mexico. So creamy, warm and filling, with just the right amount of kick. Pablo told me that each morning, one of the very first things they do each day, is to make a new batch of green sauce from scratch.

French Toast

french toast at Esinti cafe

These aren’t just any ordinary French toast. Inside thick slices of gooey bread is a thin layer of orange marmalade and cream cheese, topped with powdered sugar. I loved the sweet and citrusy version of this North American favorite.

Beef Machaca

beef machaca at Esinti

The beef machaca combo plate had chilaquiles, a fried egg, refined beans and a slow-cooked beef that was bursting with flavor. Trevor ate this and was surprised at how filling it was.

By the way – Have you ever just had a bagel craving that won’t go away? Esinti can help with that. They’ve got bagels ranging from turkey and avocado to cream cheese, roasted pecans and cinnamon. Literally, if I wasn’t so full from my French toast and chilaquiles, I would have ordered one of their bagels as well.

Esinti’s Breakfast Mennu

Drinks and Coffee

Flat White:
Even the most demanding coffee order can be fulfilled here. I gave my high maintenance ways a try and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered an almond milk flat white, extra hot, with stevia on the side, and that is precisely what I got. Perfection.

Italian sodas and smoothies at Esinti Mazatlan

Mango Smoothie:
Instead of coffee, my husband wanted to try their smoothies and compare them against many of the others we’d had in town already. He ordered the nutty mango yogurt smoothie and wouldn’t even share it with me he liked it so much. He asked Pablo why the mango was so flavourful this time of year and found out that they pick it during peak ripe season and freeze it for the rest of the year so the smoothies always taste 100%.

Other drinks you can expect on the menu include: Italian sodas, chai lattes, frappuccinos in many flavors, tisanes and teas, and of course regular house coffee.

Esinti drink and coffee menu mazatlan
Esinti’s Drink Menu

Lunch and Dinner

If you find yourself peckish and its already past breakfast, no worries at all, because Esinti also has an impressive lunch and dinner menu for their size.

You can stick to the healthy side of things by ordering a salad, meet in the middle with a filling panini, or bend the rules a little and go for a burger and potato wedges.

While we didn’t stay for lunch, I’m a sucker for cheese so I would have ordered either the apple and goat cheese salad, or the veggie panini with sundried tomatoes and manchego cheese.

Esinti lunch menu
Estini’s Lunch/Dinner Menu

We loved both the food and the vibe at Esinti’s. but most of all, we liked feeling like part of the family.

All About Esinti

Monday to Saturday- 7:30am to 10:30pm
Sunday – 7:30am to 2:30pm

Address: Calle Libertad #401 esq. con Heriberto Frías, Centro Histórico Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Live Music: Tuesday to Sunday 9am to noon and Tues/Thurs 5pm to 8pm

Esinti coffee

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Written By: Kashlee Kucheran of Travel Off Path

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