Mazatlan: Sales fall by up to 80% in shops of Rafael Buelna Ave


At least five businesses have closed temporarily and warn that more are added

The remodeling works of Rafael Buelna Avenue are generating strong effects on the merchants in the area since sales have decreased up to 80% in some businesses

On a tour of the place, the managers of the establishments said that sales have fallen between 50 and 80% depending on the turn and even at least five businesses have already closed temporarily.

They said that they do not have an exact amount of the businesses that have already closed but the first one that closed temporarily was the Eight Eighth Pizzas and Coffee, a Greengrocer, a Taqueria and this week Tacos Lalos joins.

In the latter case, there are seven employees who will have to relocate in other branches at least until Easter, since in the last days the sales they have had were very low, what comes most is the home service.

“Since January 2, when the work began and the avenue closed, the decrease in sales was noticed, when they opened a lane they rebounded a little but anyway people will not eat with the dust and with the open streets they prefer to leave to another place than to fight, ”they say.

They warned that surely more shops will be forced to close on this avenue that is 100% commercial with businesses of all turns, including restaurants, taquerías, juices, banks, automotive agencies, pharmacies, plumbing, hardware stores, paintings, stationers, fruit shops and gas stations.

With the section that is completely closed from Valentinos to Reforma Street, the occupancy at the San Diego hotel has been very low and they hope to reach an agreement and that the works be completed in the established times.

We agree on the remodeling and modernization project, that there is a good proposal so that businesses do not have major effects during the Alejandro Fuentevilla Carnival, general director of the San Diego Hotel

For its part, the State Ministry of Economy activated “Emerging Fosin”, loans with preferential rates and financing of up to 300 thousand pesos so that they can maintain their businesses.

This microcredit and small credit program covers up to 300 thousand pesos, with 3 months of grace, 8% per year regardless of gender, which would help merchants cover their expenses and maintain productive employment.


80% have fallen sales in business.

5 businesses have closed temporarily.

Source: sol de mazatlan

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