Ever since she was a little girl, Magdalena always wanted to be The Queen


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.– Magdalena Verde is a young 22-year-old Mazatlan who is competing to become the next representative of the city, as Queen of the Mazatlan Carnival 2020.

“We are America, Passion, Joy and Hope”, as the slogan of this year’s Carnaval says, in its 120 edition.

Magdalena is a medical student, that could become a quiet queen but with a decisive character in turning her dreams and aspirations into reality.

“What inspired me to enroll this year was mainly that it was a dream or aspiration of mine since I was a child, like most Mazatleca girls… and this year I considered taking this opportunity because I feel that I had to fulfill this mission.”

One of the reasons that motivated her to register was that she wanted to take the challenge as a personal growth, especially since she always dreamed of seeing herself in the majestic floats and wearing one of the real Queen dresses, along with the crown, of course.

Magdalena Verde considers the traditional parade as one of the most important events of the festivity, since it manages to reunite entire families, even those who, due to fate, had to emigrate to other states or countries, and this event brings everyone together to live the excitement.

“I like this event very much because it brings together my whole family, my family loves this tradition or we enjoy this party as a family, we enjoy the cultural, artistic aspect, we see how the colors are projected, the brightness of the floats and costumes.”

Within the personal aspect Magdalena Verde would like to convey the love she feels for the Mazatlan Carnival, which she has attended ever since she was a child and, for her, it is a sign of cultural identity that distinguishes and characterizes the Mazatlecos.

Likewise, she would like to inspire other young people to participate in the festival, because of the great experience and personal satisfaction that she has obtained while participating as a candidate.

“Within the personal aspect I would like to convey the love I have for this tradition and this commitment that makes us evolve, that is, to walk the extra mile and to believe in ourselves,” Magdalena said.

Sheltered by the sky blue baton, Magdalena seeks the support of the Mazatlecos within the next and last demonstration on January 31, prior to the election of Queen on February 1, in a venue still to be confirmed and where Mazatlan will have its new sovereigns for the party to be held from February 20 to 25, 2020.

The Mazatlan Post