These will be the alternative routes during remodeling of Rafael Buelna ave in Mazatlan


This first section will be from Valentinos’ roundabout until Reforma Avenue; However, the road is closed to Francisco Solís Avenue, so it is recommended to avoid this road

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This morning ‘started’ the first stage of modernization of Rafael Buelna Avenue; in the first section that includes from the roundabout of Valentinos until Reforma Avenue, however, the rúa is closed until Francisco Solís Avenue.

The work is in charge of three groups of workers, made up of six people each, who will have days from 07:00 to 17:00, said one of the members together with Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, manager of the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan.

02 12 Rafael Buelna Remodeling

This first phase will be delivered on February 19, prior to the Carnestolendas festivities; That was the commitment made with the construction company.

Modernización de la Rafael Buelna iniciará desde las primeras horas del jueves

Tiznado Ontiveros said that for the replacement of the drainage and drinking water network and for the paving of the 2.9 kilometers in length of the rúa, between Del Mar and Mexican Army avenues, the City Council of Mazatlan made a contribution of 44 million 419 thousand Weights of 188 million pesos of the total cost of the work.

02 12 Rafael Buelna Remodeling

The manager of the paramunicipal asked citizens to be patient with the project; He said the results will be favorable for everyone.

Due to the nature of the works, the road will be partially closed to road traffic from the early hours of Thursday, January 2, in its section between Francisco Solís Avenue and Avenida del Mar, which will imply the taking of alternate routes when driving on that road. city ​​area.

In the modernization project of Avenida Buelna, almost 200 million pesos are invested, its objective is to give a new face to the main access of the Golden Zone, which has a length of just over 2.9 kilometers and a width of 36 meters, will count with two bodies of three lanes, central ridge with two bike lanes and sidewalks 4 meters wide on both sides.

He mentioned that the alternative routes to enter the Golden Zone are through Insurgentes, Francisco Solís, Universidad and Lomas de Mazatlán, provisional steps will also be kept open during the day at Avenida la Marina and the Private Hacienda las Cruces.

In the execution of the work six Sinaloa construction companies will be collaborating, which have joined their workforce and infrastructure to carry out a large-scale project, which will come to boost the social, economic and tourism development of Mazatlan.

The conglomerate of construction companies, headed by prestigious companies such as CAMSI, MICHEL, MARUBED and MAINCRA, has established a coordinated action plan, to work on 12 different work fronts, so that the work is carried out in the shortest possible time.

In fact, the commitment of the construction companies is that the first stage is ready for Holy Week, which will be at the beginning of April; while the section that goes from Avenida del Mar to Avenida Reforma ends before the Carnival festivities, whose celebration will be from February 20 to 25, 2020.

The Transit Department has established the Insurgent avenues as alternate routes to reach Golden Zone , Francisco Solís, Universidad and Lomas de Mazatlán and will keep provisional steps open during the day at Avenida la Marina and the Private Hacienda Las Cruces.

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