Mazatlan council approves pension to family of worker who died when a palm tree fell on him during work


In addition, in the ordinary session of council number 28 in Mazatlan, the mayor offered public apologies to the communication professionals, and the donation of a land promised by AMLO was approved

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- This Thursday, the ordinary session number 28 of the town hall of Mazatlan was held, among which 4 points out of the 10 discussed by the main municipal authorities and the body of councilors of the town hall.

They highlighted the approval of the pension for wife and children of the supervisor of the Parks and Gardens Department, Felipe Millán Osuna, who died on November 20 after falling the trunk of a palm tree when he was doing his work.

As well as the donation of a land of the municipality located in the union of Villa Unión, property that was promised by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he came on one of his tours to Sinaloa, to visit 100 hospitals of the Mexican Social Security Institute in October past, which will be used for the construction of a community shelter in favor of the IMSS.

However, if this is not built and regulated in your deeds in a period of 18 months, you will return to the municipality, as it happened in 2015, the date on which it had already been donated, but the requirements and conditions that had not been met They had.

In addition, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres offered a public apology to the communication professionals who work in Mazatlan and were offended by him when they did their work during this first year of administration, after the State Human Rights Commission He will ask the mayors of Ahome, Culiacán, and Mazatlán, to apologize to the communicators.

Among the other points, 2 pensions and one more pension were resolved, as well as the approval of 10 opinions in which concession changes are assigned to tenants who died or renounced to them, in addition to changes in their businesses.

And finally, the discussion and approval of the Regulation of Regulatory Improvement and Business Management for the municipality was discussed, in which the changes will be detailed particularly within the Secretariat of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries.

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