Video: How to cure a hangover Mazatlan Sinaloa style after your Christmas partying

After the Christmas celebrations, the Sinaloans look for foods such as shellfish to ‘cure’ the effects of being overcome with alcohol

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The gifts, family, food but also beer and the wine arrived, of which the latter two are pleasures that if taken in excess generate the famous malaise known as ‘La Cruda, so the citizens had to resort this Christmas to eat certain foods that diminish that great headache a little.

This was announced by restauranteurs in charge of food carts or seafood businesses, after knowing that these shops are one of the few that open on December 25 and January 1, as they say, they are very good days of marketing that make them recover from the low sales that there are in other times.

“What the people asks for are the ceviches and the aguachile and the campechanas with hot broth to be relieved to be ready for the next party or posada”.

“People ask for the caldito, the campechana then, some ceviches too, but what they ask for most is what the seafood cocktail is, well, we are doing very well these days, nothing compared with normal days.”

“The very hot campechana or a very spicy aguachile.”

They commented that at Christmas, there are more visits from local people, but on January 1 there are more tourists who visit their businesses every year since, in those days, foreigners tend to look for places with parties.

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