Seafood products are safe for consumption in Altata Sinaloa says Coepriss


Sindicatura de Altata, Navolato.- Sea products are safe for consumption in this winter season in the Altata Bay because the monitoring carried out shows that its waters are free of red tide and there is no risk for the population, said the commissioner Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales.

The State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa (COEPRISS) informed that the monitoring is permanent in all the public beaches of the state.

“The beaches of Altata are clean and without red tide so that fish, shellfish and their traditional mollusks can be consumed with confidence,” said the head of COEPRISS.

He argued that in addition to the samples taken, a coordination with the restaurant industry, the Navolato City Council and the tourism authorities was undertaken during this holiday period to carry out health promotion in the establishments of the port in order to ensure the protection of the population’s health and of the tourists.

Urbina Vidales said that the review of the beaches is done throughout Sinaloa and fortunately all are within the standards of the official Mexican standard which means that they are suitable for recreational use and that the products of the sea can be consumed safely .

“Altata is free of red tide so its visitors can be assured that fish and shellfish are free of toxins and are safe for consumption,” he said, emphasizing that there is no ban or ban on any variety of mollusks, Seafood

He recalled that the monitoring of seawater quality for recreational use has been carried out nationwide since April 2003 and contemplates the main tourist destinations in Mexico to verify the possibility of risks to the health of tourists.

“We will continue monitoring permanently to ensure the safety and safe consumption of sea products that are free of red tide in Sinaloa,” he said.

Urbina Vidales said that it is necessary to highlight the safety of seafood products because there is a distrust of citizenship that currently has no basis. “We call for the population to stay informed and follow our health notices carefully: people can confidently visit Altata beaches and consume their seafood this winter season,” he said.

The commissioner added that there were also actions for health promotion, food management and promotion of good hygiene practices among food preparers and seafood marketers in Altata. “This training includes the personal hygiene of those who prepare food and essential aspects so that the product of the sea reaches the table of the guests in optimal conditions,” he said.

COEPRISS will continue with permanent health surveillance in the bays of Sinaloa in order to rule out health risks from the consumption of fish and shellfish. “To date, the monitored bays are free of red tide, therefore the population is informed that they can confidently consume fish and shellfish on these December dates that comply with good hygiene and food handling practices,” he said.

Urbina Vidales reiterated that fresh mollusks, fish, and shellfish are free of red tide in Altata so they can be eaten with confidence. “The Ministry of Health urges the population to stay informed through official communications issued through COEPRISS,” he concluded.

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