Humpback whales fascinate Mazatlan tourists


The arrival of the giants of the sea has become in a few years a tourist attraction in Mazatlan

Mazatlan.-  With the drop in temperatures, Mazatlan also reaches one of the most impressive visits: humpback whales. These sea giants have taken this port as a refuge in their annual mating migration.

Its presence is a show that has quickly become an attraction of the port.

ONCA Exploraciones is one of the companies that offers sighting trips in Mazatlan and promotes the protection of this species. Yesterday he made a tour in which tourists from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia participated.

Awesome experience

In the middle of the bay, humpback whales poked their tails, which can hardly be done to the idea of ​​their enormous size. The manager and guide of the tour, Saúl Herrera, explained that the whales, of the species Megaptera novaeangliae, will be in Pacific waters until March.

Source: el debate

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