“Soy Juan”, the Tampico App that seeks to overtake Uber Eats


Entrepreneurs say that despite similarities with the popular application of meals, they rule out being their competition because they offer a broader service

Juan is a name that maybe when you hear it will remind you of your dad or an uncle. That is why Nelson Avendaño Cobos and his close group decided to baptize their business via the soyjuan App.

“We brought it for four years, for different reasons we failed to implement it until this year,” Tamaulipas said in an interview for MILENIO  Daniel Munguía is in charge of logistics; Juan Carlos Balderas in the development of technology.

The company had a positive impact, so much so that in a curious way the company 100 percent tampiqueña mutated “I am Juan. ” And despite its similarities with the newcomer to the Uber Eats Conurbation Zone, it claims not to be competition. 

“They are our allies if it is competition in the field of food nothing more, but in the other areas we do not have one as it is so far”

And is that “Juan” is an application where you order food and other products, services and even ‘little hands’. 

They plan later to add different categories within the cast, such as pharmacists.

How does it work?

To use it, you only have to download it in the Play Store, add your information such as location, name, surname, year of birth, email and a password.

“We made the application very simple so that people of any age can order without any problem,” said Avendaño Cobos.

Customers are very important for the project partners, take care of what you ask for or need and take care to take it in perfect condition to your home or office.

“When the restaurant owner accepts the order, he tells us how long it will be and the delivery man has to be in the place 5 minutes before the food arrives hot, it is important to note that we do not take the order, the restaurant does and they shoot the task for us to go and pick it up, ”he said. Also if the restaurant does not take the order in 3 minutes, the platform is in charge of communicating with them to find out why.

A shopping plaza

The idea is to create a commercial plaza from the application, where you can search for any service or product you need, shoes, food, clothing, and service, with the necessary characteristics to request that product.

The Tampico application began operations on December 3; It currently has 60 affiliated businesses, however, only 14 are on the platform. They hope that by the end of the year they can include everyone else.

They have 25 distributors distributed in Tampico and Madero, they predict at the end of this month to reach 50. In the short term, they plan to expand this service to Altamira.

we are not the 1st app but we are a Mexican App

Source: milenio

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