Despite some violence in the mountains, Rosario reports good tourist influx in 2019


The head of the tourism department said that, for the moment, they are working for an evaluation as a magical town

El Rosario, Sinaloa.- Despite the resurgence of violence in the mountain area of ​​the municipality of Rosario, mainly during the first quarter of this 2019, the tourist influx was good, said Humberto Aguirre Guzmán, municipal director of Tourism.

The official said that mainly national tourism was received, asserting that Easter, summer and the holidays, are those that report a significant increase in tourism, as well as economic spillover.


He admitted that the lack of resources as part of the “Magical Towns” program, has affected considerably in terms of works for the municipality, however, said that it has managed to attract local tourism with the popular “magic alleys”, located in The municipal head.

“We are for the evaluation as a magical town, this evaluation is that everything complies with all the regulations. They ask us to integrate productive chains, it is one of the problems we have because we have to integrate the four magical towns in Sinaloa, and we are already achieving, ”he emphasized.

On the issue of violence, he ruled out that this would affect the arrival of tourism, as he said, the violent events were recorded in the mountainous area, very far from the headland, in addition to being people from other states, without affecting the atmosphere of tranquility in the town.

Source: reaccion informativa

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