These are the 64 types of chili peppers that grow in Mexico (Infographic)


How many types of chili are in Mexico? There are 64 varieties of chili peppers and their presence in Mexican life is essential.

Just as Mexico was the center of domestication of corn (today the most consumed cereal in the world), so was Chile . That is why it is the place of the world with the greatest diversity of this species, it is also a country whose culture has been strongly influenced by this , even collective character and personality have to do with chili, a species of the Solanaceae family.

Today, up to 64 varieties of chili are known that are grown in Mexico, 25 of them semi-cultivated and wild; The others cultivated.

The following infographic prepared by members of the Chile Network, shows how the largest variety of Chile in Mexico is grown in the center-south of the country, mostly in Guerrero , Oaxaca , Chiapas , Puebla … However, the most important such as the jalapeño, serrano, huajillo and ancho, are cultivated primarily in the center and north of the country.

The diversity of chili peppers in Mexico is amazing. Being even Mexican, surely you do not know any of them, even if you grew up between their influence and kindness. The generous chili continues to surprise us.


The Mazatlan Post