Expat family kidnapped and robbed in San Miguel de Allende


By More Security in San Miguel de Allende

Saturday Night’s Kidnapping & Robbery:

The Real Story

A friend of ours with his 9-year-old son, his neighbor, and her two daughters, were abducted violently at gunpoint from their vehicle near their home in Xote.
They were removed from their truck, forced into another vehicle and trapped, driven for hours until they were dumped in an arroyo, robbed of all their possessions, including their shoes. They walked barefoot until they found a home with lights on and were able to call for help.
They understand the news will spread quickly but would like their identities to be protected. They are traumatized, but are glad to be alive.

(Editor’s Note: We have spent most of the day confirming these details, after receiving several reports from friends of the victims. As journalists, we believe that it is important to inform our San Miguel Community and set the record straight: not to do so would be the height of irresponsibility. Gossip only tends to distort the facts and does little to solve a problem. The only thing worse is to pretend that these incidents haven”t happened.

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Source: More Security in San Miguel de Allende