Mexico, the legalization of marijuana in April 2020


Mexico lengthens the date for cannabis use by adults to be legal in the country

Mexico cannot legalize before the date established by the Court and it lasts until spring 2020. Differences around the clauses that limit the entry of foreign companies seems to be the reason for changing the date.

Mexico will possibly become the largest legal cannabis market in the world. After the delay, that data will possibly be given next spring. Will it be 4/20 of 2020?

The Supreme Court of Mexico, now a year ago, said the ban on cannabis use was illegal. He subsequently transmitted to the Mexican Government that he should lift the ban. In fact, the judges ruled that the executive should regulate the cannabis market by law, no later than the end of November.

Consumption in private places

The bill would establish that the use of cannabis is legal in private places for people over 18 years of age. Also, advertising would be restricted and the packages should be uniform without a brand or differentiating designs.

The final drafting of the bill made by the Mexican Senate was announced. But, he was not sure that the regulations were approved by the Government. The members of the committee requested an extension to the Supreme Court for fear of losing the term.

The media blames the extension of the date, although it is not very clear, the great pressure on members of the Senate by the lobbying of large companies. These would not be very happy with the drafting of the bill and that would lead to the rejection of the vote.

The bill would provide a significant advantage to Mexican local companies in the country’s future legal cannabis market and includes clauses that severely limit the ability of international giant companies to enter and dominate the Mexican cannabis market. The legal market of Mexico will be the largest in the world, 124 million citizens.

A few days ago, the Mexican Supreme Court answered the extension request and granted the Mexican Legislature until April 30, 2020 to approve legislation to legalize. The decision establishes that an “exceptional and unique extension” is approved, given the complexity of the issue.


The Mazatlan Post