People who use La Paz Malecon with their dogs, have no culture, suggests Pro-Malecón Committee


People who arrive at the seafront in La Paz should be more responsible; skateboards, bicycles, and dogs are prohibited in the area, says the Pro-Malecon Committee

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The Chairman of the Pro-Malecón Committee, Javier Guillermo Salas suggested that people who come to visit the La Paz Malecon have no culture, as they take a walk not only with one, but several dogs, which could represent a danger to the other citizens; As for skateboards and bicycles, he said that those people are not interested in the damage they could cause to others.

“Many people go with their dogs, not with one dog but with many, fortunately, we are going to force culture into society; we have the reason but sometimes people are not interested in reason a given moment, but when they see or step on shit, get hit by a skateboard or a bicycle then they will agree with the changes, we have to anticipate things, ”said the Chairman of the Committee.

At the beginning of the year, a fight between dogs arose on the boardwalk, which left injured people, because one of the canines was traveling in a vehicle, and jumped from it, to attack the dog that was walking along the promenade; this, although the regulation prohibited the presence of pets since then, on the Malecon.

Through a video that went viral on social networks, approximately 32 seconds a dog battle is observed, where you can see the moment when a Pitbull dog jumps from a moving vehicle and directly attacks a dog that was walking with its owner through the Malecon beaches.

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In this regard, the head of the Pro-Malecón Committee of La Paz recalled that in the Official Gazette of Baja California Sur it is stipulated that, in said area, the installation of street vendors, the use of skateboards and dogs, is not allowed, since that will spoil the Malecon for national and local tourists.

“The current regulations in force and in operation were published in the Official State Gazette, and prohibits dogs, prohibits street vendors, prohibits skateboards, prohibits bicycles on the boardwalk and that is logical, the boardwalk is for families, for small children when we have bicycles and you have seen it, people get run over, and skateboarders have a places for skateboards, ”emphasized Javier Salas.

Finally, he said that street vendors already have an established site so as not to interfere with the journey of people arriving at the La Paz boardwalk to observe the beach and enjoy their facilities.

“Street vendors already have a place for their stands, the Malecon is a public space for everyone, there are many sidewalk areas, the sidewalks have been enlarged, there are streets and walkways and there they can be located very well,” he concluded.

It is necessary to specify that, the mayor of La Paz banned the walks of dogs on the seawall of La Paz, who made it clear that if he fails to comply with the regulations, the citizen will be entitled to a fine of up to 20 minimum wages, that is, close of 1,600 pesos.


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