Federal Police advance ‘Paisano’ operation on Mexican roads for 2019-2020


The Commissioner of the Federal Police in Escuinapa, said that other operations will also work, in order to ensure safe traffic on federal roads

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- The operative “Paisano” had to get ahead due to the precipitous arrival of Mexicans living abroad, said Jorge Vargas Bravo, commissioner of the Federal Police, in the transition to the National Guard.

“We are implementing the civil operation 2019 – 2020, in coordination with authorities of the National Migration Institute; It was planned to start on the 17th (of December), on January 7, nothing but our countrymen are getting ahead of us, they are already arriving from the American union to their places of origin, ”he said.

He informed that Mexican immigrants normally begin to arrive in Mexico after December 16, however, these days they have been able to have a greater presence of them, so the corresponding attention measures are already being carried out.

Vargas Bravo added that, along with the “Paisano” operative, others are implemented, such as; Carousel operation, Radar operation, Belt operation, Caballero del Camino operation, Child Retention operation and the Safe Passenger operation, in addition to the installation of the so-called “Safe Stop”, for complaints or complaints, which is already located in the booth of Rosario, at kilometer 199 + 950 of the toll road.

11 12 Jorge Vargas Bravo

He explained that the base of operations of the Federal Police in Escuinapa, covers a total of 195 kilometers as part of its jurisdiction, which includes, on the free highway Mexico – Nogales 15, from La Concha to El Huajote; and, on the toll road, from the limits with the state of Nayarit to the bridge of “El Huajolote”, at kilometer 223 + 800.

The numbers available for emergencies are 088 and 911, he said.

“We must invite society to participate in this, with precautionary measures that must be taken before going on the road, before traveling, check that the physical and mechanical conditions of the vehicle are optimal and invite people not to drive alcoholic or tired, to avoid traffic events. ”

He added that there are 35 elements, plus 10 administrative elements that are in the offices working, making a total of 45 elements with 24 radio-patrol cars, which we will cover the 195 kilometers, in 12-hour shifts, in search of have a greater presence on the road.

Source: reaccion informativa

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