Cases of cheating timeshare salespersons in Mazatlan decrease


The director of Capta, Astrid Macías Fregoso, reported that during this year the problem decreased to more than 50 percent

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A decrease to more than fifty percent presents complaints by foreign tourists of Timeshares, which is the result of campaigns with hotels and tourism companies dedicated to lodging, said Maria Astrid Macías Fregoso.

The director of the Mazatlan Tourist Assistance and Protection Center reported that with the “Friends of the Tourist” campaign that she undertook with Senior Official staff, the incidence of the problem was reduced, in which the Federal Attorney General’s Office also had to intervene Consumer to mediate with those affected.

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“Last year we had many timeshare issues, fortunately this has come down a lot so far this year, we have personally approached to talk with these people, with OPCs that sale in the street and well I think it has served a lot all those operations ”.

She explained that currently the cases that remain pending to be resolved are some that have many years of having occurred and some ‘scamming’ companies have already disappeared, so they are still waiting for a favorable ruling for foreigners who were deceived.

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Macías Fregoso added that you have to take care of the destination as a brand, and it is part of the message that is sent to those responsible for offering accommodation to visitors, to make them reflect on the offers they make and that the terms are respected.

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