In Mexico there will be no other ‘fast and furious’, says AMLO


The president of Mexico indicated that such an intervention will not be allowed to the country, because it simply “failed”

 The president of Mexico was emphatic in ensuring that while he was in charge of the country, another “Fast and Furious will not be allowed.

After advancing that part of the issues that will be discussed with the United States Attorney are weapons and illegal entry of dollars into the country.

“While we are in the government, no operation like the one of ‘Fast and Furious’ will be allowed because that if you remember it was a flagrant violation of our sovereignty that caused a lot of damage, because weapons were allowed to enter to supposedly follow members of the organized crime, and those weapons were lost and then it was shown that they were used to commit crimes and the plan was a resounding failure, ”he said.

AMLO said that within the plans and agreements that are sought is that the US side has at least control of the exit of weapons.

“These are the approaches, with the idea that we need to strengthen cooperation, we have 3,160 km of border and there must be cooperation on issues, drugs, arms trafficking, numerary,” he concluded.

During the morning the head of the Sedena indicated that 70 percent of the weapons that enter Mexico come from the United States and the remaining 30 percent from countries such as Spain, Italy, Austria, and other countries.

Source: notimex

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