Yucatecan group begins work to separate Yucatán from the Mexican Republic


Apparently someone told them that if they excavated 20 meters, they would separate from the peninsula and turn it into an independent island.

Mérida, Yucatán.- Yesterday the state authorities received several reports about a group of people with tools (shovels, spikes, machetes and one or another broom), who were digging a kind of ditch near Uxmal – which It almost borders Campeche – about 10 meters deep.

When the police arrived, they stopped the activities trying to clarify the situation.

In the beginning, there was talk of archeology or paleontology activities, however, not wearing the characteristic uniform of archaeologists (beige shirt and shorts), this was called into question.

After a brief investigation, the authorities discovered that it was a group of orthodox and xenophobic Yucatecans, who were trying to separate the territory of Yucatan, from the rest of the Mexican Republic and thus, turn the state into an independent island away Of all foreigners.

“First we are going to dig a ditch 20 meters deep, about 4 wide along the entire border with Campeche and Quintana Roo. Once we achieve that, we will summon more Yucatecans to help us push the piece of land towards the sea. It is the advantage of living on the peninsula, we have nowhere to get close, not like Querétaro, for example. That is why they collapsed, ”said Agripino Dividendo, leader of the Separemos Yucatán Movement.

The authorities, for their part, doubt that this is possible. And they assured that the group will remain guarded so that they will not invade private property, but above all, because it kills them the curiosity of whether it is possible or not.

Source: dariodeyucatan.com satire page

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