Abandoned houses in Mazatlan associated with garbage dumps and drug addiction


Eight cases of citizen complaint have been reported before Municipal Ecology

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- In relation to the case of the abandoned address in José María Morelos Street in the Centro Colony, where it is used as a garbage dump and garbage warehouse, the director of Ecology and Environment, Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo, said that there are more cases in Mazatlan since they have had constant reports.

“Of this type we have one in Juarez, we have another one here by Pemex of a garbage hoarder, we have in the Center about three; we have received about eight or nine complaints of this type,” he said.

In addition to the above, the director explained that these reports go beyond a focus of infection by the accumulation of garbage, these are people who use abandoned houses for illegal actions, whether drug addiction or accumulation of animals, however, Ecology does not You can act on such cases because they are not your powers.

“These houses are associated with mental health problems, drug addiction problems, and addictions; we have a complaint in the Rincon de Urías neighborhood, where people tell me: they are lazy people who burn the wires, and they get high and they sell glass, so how are we going to go as an Ecology? Who would enter is public safety, Ecology cannot apply the regulation because of the condition of the people, “he emphasized.

Despite the fact that there are more cases of abandoned homes that serve as trash and annoyance for neighbors, Sajuán Gallardo reiterated that you cannot enter homes when people are living, regardless of whether they are your property or not.

“We cannot enter a house of invasion, Ecology has only attributions in the municipal public roads; there are problems that are beyond our reach that have to do with drugs, and with health and abandonment of people who appropriate or invade a house, and they fill it with things like garbage and animals, “he said.

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