They put mailboxes for citizen complaint in Los Cabos; will be extended to the entire municipality


The project will be extended to the rest of the municipality of Los Cabos during the next fiscal year

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS ). The Municipal Controller of Los Cabos made the placement of a mailbox of citizen complaints, to facilitate reports of bad servers, ill-treatment and suggestions of aspects to improve, said the office manager, Alejandro Sánchez Acosta

In this regard, the official explained that during this 2019 68 investigations were initiated derived from complaints made by the citizens of Los Cabos, to seek to provide a response and security to the reporter.

The citizen complaints box is located in the Municipal Palace of Los Cabos, which represents the beginning of a project that will be extended to different municipal offices.

For the following fiscal year, it is planned to implement the mailboxes in the facilities of each of the municipal delegations, concluded by the public servant of Los Cabos.

Source: bcsnoticias

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