On the downside, influx of migrants at Caritas Mazatlan


In 2018, the care home attended up to 200 people per month

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- Up to 50% has decreased the influx of migrants, who when they go to the United States ask for the support offered by the Caritas IAP assistance house in its passage through Mazatlan.

The director of the altruistic institution, Rafael Martínez Gallardo, said that during the month of October they had the registry of about 80 people, who were looking for the so-called “American dream” in the United States.

He said that the figure contrasts significantly with those in other months, in which they provided support services for up to 200 people, in the facilities located in the Francisco Villa neighborhood.

Daily, he said, there are between 4 or 5 people of Guatemalan, Honduran, Venezuelan and even Cuban origin, who come to request the help of Cáritas IAP.

In this year, he acknowledged, it is only men who have arrived at the facilities he directs, who in other periods served whole families, including children and women.

Factors such as the policies of the current US government, he said, have led to migrants, mainly from Central America, losing interest in seeking better living conditions than there are in their countries of origin.

“There have been people who go to the United States and come here to ask for help, but the amounts are not the same as those presented in 2018 and years ago.”


In addition to foreigners, the assistance house has received in this 2019 people from other states of the Mexican Republic, who likewise seek to enter the neighboring northern country.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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