Its official AMLO ends the Special Economic Zones


The decree that repeals the declarations of the seven EEZs was published in the DOF.

The government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador officially eliminated the Special Economic Zones (EEZ), the main regional project of the Enrique Peña Nieto six-year term.

Yesterday, in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) the Decree by which the Various Declarations of the EEZs of Puerto Chiapas, Coatzacoalcos, Lázaro Cárdenas-La Unión, de Progreso, Salina Cruz, of Campeche and Tabasco, published on September 29 and December 19, both of 2017, and April 18, 2018.

“With the said declarations, in accordance with article 8 of the Federal Law of Special Economic Zones, the territorial polygon where the sections would be established was defined, as well as the Area of ​​Influence of each zone; the tax benefits and incentives and the customs regime applicable exclusively in the corresponding areas, and the other assumptions established by the law and its regulations were provided, ”read the decree.

The EEZs were established in order to boost sustainable economic growth that, among other purposes, reduces poverty; allow the provision of basic services and expand opportunities for healthy and productive lives, in regions of the country that have greater lags in social development through the promotion of investment, productivity, competitiveness, employment and better distribution of income among the population.

However, since their declarations, the EEZs “have not been able to operate, due to the fact that to date no permission or assignment has been granted as an integral administrator because the legal requirements have not been met. It is noteworthy that in accordance with article 19 of the Federal Law of Special Economic Zones, permits and assignments are indispensable for the construction, development, administration, and maintenance of the zones ”.

Therefore, the current federal government argues, the Federal Authority for the Development of Special Economic Zones (AFDZEE) has not granted any authorization to serve as an investor within the EEZs, while the entities and municipalities do not they have reported productive public investments and urban equipment for the development of the zones and their areas of influence.

Other reasons for canceling the EEZs is that the signatories of the coordination agreements with the entities have not made any commitment; no investments and business establishment are recorded; and, at the end of October 16, the zones have not been able to start operations.

The Federation points out the need to reorient the country’s regional development model, considering the National Development Plan 2019-2024, which includes three major regional works: the Mayan Train, the Tehuantepec Isthmus Development Program and the Program North Border Free Zone.

“Taking into account that to date the Special Economic Zones are not operating, it is considered necessary to make more efficient the use of public resources and boost sustainable economic growth, rethinking conditions that make development and collective welfare conducive under a policy of austerity and rationality, ”adds the decree.

In March of this year, El Economista announced that the ZEE project could disappear with the current federal government. It was Rafael Marín Mollinedo, then head of the AFDZEE, who explained that it was being analyzed if they would disappear because they were not fulfilling their task of reducing regional gaps.

It would be for April, that at a press conference in the National Palace, López Obrador confirmed the cancellation of the project.

The seven EEZs were in Lázaro Cárdenas-La Unión (Michoacán and Guerrero), Coatzacoalcos (Veracruz), Salina Cruz (Oaxaca), Puerto Chiapas (Chiapas), Progreso (Yucatán), Seybaplaya (Campeche) and Dos Bocas (Tabasco).

The potential for long-term investments of EEZs was $ 42,287 Billion and the creation of 367,909 jobs.

Source: el economista

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