They fear eviction of 130 Mazatlan families in the Villa Tutuli neighborhood


They do not refuse to pay, but they are charged with a deposit of 50 thousand pesos and monthly payments of 4 thousand by one year, without payment facilities

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- More than 130 families living in Villa Tutuli homes for 12 years fear being evicted in the next few days, given the threat of a graduate who pretends to be the owner of the homes and land of that urban sector, by name Luis Alberto Garzón Gómez .

They said that who first appeared as the legal representative of the owners, is now asking for a down payment of 50 thousand pesos and 4 thousand pesos per month, with 1.6% interest, to be paid at 5 years.

Rosa Isela Galván Cebreros and María Santos Meza, neighbors of Villa Tutuli, said that everyone is willing to pay, but with easy payment; nevertheless, the person who now shows himself as owner, denied them that right despite the fact that they have been possessors for many years and that by them public services were introduced and the houses were restored and conditioned.

He asks us for 50 thousand pesos of down payment and those of land ask for up to 30 thousand pesos of down payment, we don’t have money, we want to pay; Mr. Luis Alberto Garzón Gómez says that he bought an expired portfolio of land, but we are owners because we have 12 years living in houses that were incomplete, they had neither water pipe nor drainage nor light

Isela Galván

He said that first, the land was of Viva Inmobiliario Group, then it passed to other owners and now Garzón Gómez appears, who for a year summoned several settlers, others did it for half a year and to the last, just 15 or 20 days ago, to give the hitch, if not proceed to eviction.

Yes we want to pay, but every time it is harassing us that it will take us out, there are sick people, a lady gave two pre-infarctions to another facial paralysis, now there are a lot of sick people because of the pressure we feel because it is going to leave us in the street, because we have nowhere to go

Isela Galván

Both María Santos and Galván Cebreros said they went to the City Council to intervene as a mediator, but they have ignored them.

Here we have been told that Garzón is the owner and that he wants the money and, as we have been told, there is no mediation support, and the Mayor has not wanted to face us, and the truth is we are desperate, we do not refuse to pay, but does not want to give us payment facilities

Isela Galván


12 years have in possession of houses and land 130 families of Villa Tutuli, who could be evicted.

From 50 to 30 thousand pesos is the down payment that settlers are asked for, plus the payment of 4 thousand pesos per month from 5 years, with 1.6% interest.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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