Carlos Slim says that Mexico needs “a shake” and more infrastructure to grow


The businessman said that boosting infrastructure, as China does, will help Mexico to have more growth and better jobs.

The businessman Carlos Slim asked to impel the development of the infrastructure in the country, assured that it is necessary “a shake” so that there is a transformation in the country.

“We need a shake, a transformation, a change that allows us to start having growths that are what our country deserves, and the engineers of the field as well as large, medium and small companies, we are ready, ” said the businessman who received this Monday from the hands of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador the 2018 National Engineering Prize.

Slim said that Mexico must “start the other way around”: boost infrastructure to generate economic growth as China does, a country that has invested 12% of its GDP in this area for 10 years.

Which means an investment greater than the European countries and the United States. 

“Instead of the fact that before economic growth implied the need for great infrastructure, now make a great infrastructure for economic development and we can enter the modern industrial society,” explained the businessman.

Source: animal politico

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