Mazatlan’s long weekend holiday is over; tourists return to their place of origin


This morning it was possible to observe a good influx of tourists in the bus stations

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- On a tour of the tourist area of ​​Mazatlan it was observed how some tourists are already leaving the port, as well as in some bus stations visitors loaded their bags to board the road Return to their places of origin.

After this marathon “revolutionary celebrations long holiday weekend”, some visitors took their bags to make their way to their places of origin.

Revolutionary Bridge Concludes Mazatlan 18 11

Such is the case of a group of tourists from Chihuahua, who before going to their destination, said that these four days they had enjoyed a warm climate in Mazatlan, although rains had been predicted in the port, but they did not stop people from enjoying the Malecon.

Resultado de imagen para turistas puente revolucionario 2019 mazatlan

“We arrived from Friday, and since we arrived we toured the entire Malecon, when we arrived they told us it was going to be raining, but it was not like that, it was just a drizzle” they said.

Revolutionary Bridge Concludes Mazatlan 18 11

In one of the bus stations, located at the southern exit of this city, you could also see how some tourists carrying luggage and lined up to buy their tickets back to their places of origin.

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