Sinaloan’s in U.S. Major league baseball


The Sinaloan pitchers from the Houston Astros organization, Roberto Osuna and José Luis Hernández, said they were happy for the performance they had with the Texan team in the classic fall of the World Series, which they lost in 7 exciting meetings in against the nationals of Washington.

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In the case of “El Chufito” Osuna, he said he is happy to have reached 150 bailouts this season at 24 years of age, something that also made the Panamanian closer Mariano Rivera, but when he was 30 years old and that led Rivera to become the maximum Savior of games in the history of the big leagues and that Osuna has before the possibility of being able to achieve it as long as his health allows it and the conditions with the team he is launching.

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In the particular case of the Mazatleco of only 20 years old, Jose Luis Hernández Urquidy, expressed his joy saying that he had a great opportunity, especially after launching that game 4 in 5 innings, of only two unstoppable against the team of the capital of the United States that would eventually become World Series champion, but that that pressure was minimal because it was a game of high carats, both agreed that the Houston organization that is commanded by its general manager Jeff Luhnow , who by the way was born in Mexico City gives great projection to Mexican prospects like Hernandez Urquidy.

The pitchers were received by the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel and the director of the Sinaloense Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, Paola Moncayo, in the office of the governor’s room of the Administrative Unit, in order to announce that there will also be support for social foundations such as those integrated by Roberto Osuna to help children and low-income people.

Quirino Ordaz emphasized that the example given by Osuna and Urquidy to Sinaloan children is to be admired because they show that thinking big seeing how dreams can be achieved is possible.

Also, Ordaz Coppel said that after a short talk with these sinaloan idols, they agreed to work on projects that benefit children and poor children.

Speaking, the Houston Astros closer Roberto Osuna Quintero (who finished with a record in saves of the American League with 38), said that Sinaloa has historically been characterized as a state that shines with its own light in sports, from there, he said, his great boxers, footballers and in this case, baseball players who pursue their dreams by putting Sinaloa high in any competition.

Proof of this, he added, is that five sinaloan participated this year in major league baseball, such is the case of the Culiacanenses Óliver Pérez and Julio César Urías, in addition to the Ahomense Andrés Muñoz, who with his talent remains in the elite of the world sport

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