Mexico’s largest hot air balloon event favored Durango


Durangoans and visitors experienced a colorful weekend

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The largest air event in the north of the country took place for the second time in Durango, Durango Mexico.

he balloon festival called Sky Fest, arrived in Durango from November 1 to 3, with different activities carried out at the facilities of the Durango National Fair.

Evento de globos aerostáticos más grande de México favorece a Durango(Mayrely Cortés/EL DEBATE)

It is an event that is improving every year, said the secretary of tourism of Durango, Eleazar Gamboa.

He also commented that during the presence of this event hotel occupancy increased by 70 percent.
He also said that the state of Sinaloa is the state with the most visitors to Durango.

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“32 percent of visitors are from Sinaloa,” he concluded.

Also, Gamboa said that regarding the event an economic spill of 4 to 5 million pesos is expected.

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The event

Last year there were 17 air balloons, while this year there were about 30.

From November 1 to 3, the capital of Duranguense was long tablecloths with the presence of the 2019 Sky Fest.

The program began with a colorful parade that was held on Friday afternoon at about 7:00 p.m. on November 20 avenue.

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Later on Saturday, November 2, the hot air flights began at about 6:00 in the morning, there took place the exhibition of 30 hot air balloons among which those that were in the form of fun, striking and colorful figures stood out.

During the same morning, two parachutes threw themselves from a zeppelin at a height greater than 100 meters, thus surprising the hundreds of attendees.

It was then that after 9:00, the colorful and amazing balloons began to be deflated to return to the flight in the afternoon.

However, during the afternoon the weather conditions were not very favorable for hot air flights, while on the last day (November 3) it was expected to close with a total of 60 thousand attendees.

Source: siglo de durango, el debate

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