Garbage incinerator is not feasible for Mazatlan says Cemaz


Recommend promoting environmental education for recycling

The Ecological Council of Mazatlan recommended to the municipal government to analyze very well the proposal of a zero-waste incinerator as a replacement for the current trash, since this technology requires a society educated in recycling and is for populations under 100 thousand inhabitants.

Sergio Valle Espinoza , spokesman for Cemaz, warned that Mazatlan is not a city that meets the characteristics for a zero waste incineration process, as this could be counterproductive.

Sergio Valle Espinoza, spokesperson for the Mazatlan Ecological Council.

He explained that if all the accumulated garbage in the city put it to zero incineration, it would be a toxic gas dump where dioxins are included that are highly poisonous, which could poison the entire population, as happened in a community in India.

The use of this incinerator that says it produces zero waste is discarded by a huge number of cities around the world. Zero waste incinerators are only for populations under 50 and 100 thousand inhabitants who already have an ecological education for recycling: reuse and reduction of garbage, solid waste, so think chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, and that Sergio Valle Espinoza will not harm us

The incinerator is an ecological waste, because there is no permanent environmental education program regarding the use of the 3R 

Sergio Valle, spokesman for Cemaz

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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