Mexico and Russia sign an agreement to work on scientific projects


The agreement was signed with the Roscosmos State Space Corporation

In order to apply the technology for the benefit of the country’s development, Mexico and Russia signed an agreement to work hand in hand in scientific and space projects.

The Roscosmos State Space Corporation and the Mexican Space Agency (AEM) will join in scientific projects that benefit the Mexican population.

In a press release, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) announced that the agreements will have a social focus, which will receive advice from Roscosmos.

Work will be done on “protection of the population against disasters, floods, droughts, and fires,” said Salvador Landeros Ayala, general director of the AEM, adding that:

“The AEM establishes collaborations for projects with several countries, and there is interest in strengthening ties of friendship and cooperation with the pioneers in space, from Sputnik-1 (the first artificial satellite that successfully orbited the earth), and technology leaders space, which in the AEM will be applied for social benefit. ”

For his part, Alexander Bochkarev , a Russian representative, signed the agreement and praised Mexico for its ability to “generate talent that works to solve the country’s problems”.

“We recognize the successes in aerospace in Mexico, we are interested in this cooperation, from supporting Mexican scientific experiments at the International Space Station, collaborating in the outer monitoring, for the protection of the space environment, or supporting the formation of their young talent based in projects ”

The projects are expected to represent a breakthrough in the development of space science and technology, improving satellites, 5G connectivity and telecommunications services.


The Mazatlan Post