Missing fishermen from Sinaloa found are alive!


Sinaloa.- The three fishermen who had were reported as missing after going out to sea in search of shrimp last Friday from Cerro Cabezón and for whom an intense search was established, was reported at 8:30 a.m. This Tuesday morning, they are alive!

Sources close to the family indicated that the three men of the sea were located in Guaymas and that “Diego” one of them communicated to the only phone he remembered, that of a friend “El Cuinas”.

The information was also confirmed by Francisco Vega Civil Protection coordinator in Sinaloa.

“The three fishermen were found shipwrecked off the coast of Sonora, in Guaymas, they notified us we are about to expand more information,” he said.

Two days ago the information was extended that Carlos Saúl Valenzuela Rojo, Alfredo Castro Chicuate and Diego Iván Espinoza Arredondo, originally from El Cerro Cabezón, aboard the Paquis 3 boat, had gone to the sea in search of the shrimp, in a day where the alerts for remnants of hurricane “Lorena” passed through the port of Topolobampo.

Since then an intense search by air and sea has been carried out by the Ministry of Marine, Civil Protection and Public Security in Sinaloa.

The fate of the fishermen was Yavaros, Sonora, but they had to go through Topolobampo to stock up, it was then, on Friday, September 20, when they had the last contact with them until Tuesday.

It was presumed that the engine could break down, which caused them to be shipwrecked.

The families of the fishermen did not lose hope that the young people were alive, supplications that were heard and that today with a call was confirmed … all three are alive, safe and under shelter in Guaymas, Sonora.

Source: linea directa

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