Chilis, cucumber, tomato among other vegetables begin planting in Sinaloa


Mario Haroldo Robles, manager of the IACHR, indicated that the works for planting the various vegetables that are established in the Sinaloa field are already fully

Once the phytosanitary window was finished and the uncertainty of tomato dumping ended, the vegetable plantations in the valley worsened in order to be on time for the first exports to the United States, the Commission manager reported for the Research and Defense of Vegetables, Mario Haroldo Robles Escalante.

“The first advances indicate that there is already activity in the valley, there are already plantations of cucumbers, chilies, bells peppers, tomatoes, eggplants that are the products with which we usually begin planting,” he said.

Robles Escalante said that it is with cucumber and eggplant with the first to start shipments in late October and tomato until the first week of December, as long as there are not some climatic conditions that affect production.

He said that in the case of tomatoes, there is no anticipation that there will be a change in the reference price, while the review of shipments will be about Roma tomatoes and ball as well as the grape variety and these will be in North American territory in the distribution companies.

Source: linea directa

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