Thousands of mazatlecos and tourists enjoy Independence celebrations


It was expected to have the presence of around 15 thousand people for the celebrations of the traditional “call for independence”, with music, dancing, and abundant food

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The full Plaza presented tonight the Plazuela República on the occasion of the color prior to the Grito de Independencia, where the concert of the Alicia Villareal region with her northern music is expected.

In the immediate vicinity of the square, there was a great harvest of Mexican snacks but totally free so that you would like to circumvent the long lines that made up the attendees, who met early. 

The main celebration that had a start time after 7 pm also had the presence of live regional music at the same time that attendees could taste a delicious dish to accompany the night. 

Among the typical cravings that the chefs amassed with great skill and love, were the flautas, cold soup, mole, regional sweets such as the traditional ponteduro , caramel apples, baked bananas, pozole, tacos, meat toast and marlin- stuffed peppers, pozole, and pork beans.

In addition to these delicacies, the fresh waters of horchata, Jamaica, and lemon could not be missing, to symbolize the well-known colors of the flag. Among the designated chefs it was said that they count, by the end of the night, having prepared 6 thousand dishes of those already mentioned. 

On the national day I also have a presence, between the hustle and bustle of food, a symphonic concert by the Third Military Region, the port, which alternated with the regional band the music that stole the attention of many attendees. 

Among the renovations that were made to decorate the night of the celebration was the new bell that will be wielded by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, at the appointed time of the protocol of the national day. 

In addition, the kiosk in front of the palace looked integrated with folk dancers who waved dresses and rattled shoes to give a distinctive touch of Mexican culture to the crowded enclosure.

It is worth mentioning that among the free food stalls the ambulance was not allowed and all those present were given a mark that made their access to the plazuela distinctive, whose tickets were presented guarded by police officers, posted at strategic points.

By the end of the day, the authorities said they expect 15,000 approximate visitors to finish the traditional Mexican holiday. 

Aerial view of the thousands that filled the Plazuela Republic

Source: el debate

The Mazatlan Post